When I’m feeling stuck or down or whatever I find a simple project and commit to it. Lately, I’ve been awfully bogged down by illustration and design work to the point that I can’t even do warm up sketches because I just can’t think of anything to draw. I can’t think. Last year when I was feeling like this I started a 100 days of sketches project. I finished it and it went great. I even managed to raise some money for my efforts and made a donation to local animal shelters. It was great. I couldn’t believe the difference in my work from day 1 to day 100.

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I can’t commit to that this year. I follow Jillian Michaels on Facebook and three times now I’ve tried to follow along when she does a 30 days of squats, planks, or whatevers challenge, but every time I only make it a week or two before something happens and I end up falling asleep in the middle of the floor waiting for the dogs to finish eating or something. So no. No 100 days of anything.

Instead, this time I went for something a bit more flexible and with some color. I’m working my way through the alphabet with animal sketches. I use the sketches as warm ups for other drawings. Then I come back to them and add color as warm ups for other work. I’m not sticking to an everyday plan. Just as often as I can. I am trying to dedicate a few days a week to drawing and my illustration work and leaving a couple days for the two blogs I’m working on and other design work. I’m not sure how that is working as of now, but I’ll let you know. I will say though that having a plan like this alphabet thing keeps me working and keeps me excited to keep working. The added bonus is that a small printing company and I are working together to turn these into flash cards when they are finished. It is always easier to actually finish a project if you know you make eventually get paid.

So if you’re stuck, make a plan. Pick a thing and work it through to completion. You can take your time, but just follow through and let me know how it goes. Love to hear about progress.


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