I finished a big big project last night. I also submitted concept sketches for another, which means there isn’t anything more to do until I hear back. I was free. For like 10 minutes I was dancing around the house celebrating, because tonight the kids are gone and I can drink beer, or ride horses, or clean, without the weight of unfinished paid project hanging over my head. Then I remembered that I just signed a new contract on last Tuesday and agreed to do another. For about a minute I felt panicked because it just never ends, but then I was just so incredibly grateful. Grateful to my clients that keep me busy with work. Grateful to my friends and family that support what I do. Tonight when I leave work I might go ride, I might go have a beer, I might clean my house… but at 8:30 I will sit down and start on the next thing because this is the life I keep choosing. Freelancers don’t always have the luxury of time off but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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